Types of Bath Seats for the Elderly

Types of Bath Seats for the Elderly

To date, the market offers many models of bath seats, differing in some features, but they have similarity, or rather the goal, which is to make it easier for an elderly person or disabled person to take a bath and make it as comfortable as possible. Here are some variations of these models:

Rotating seats

Such seats are very comfortable. They are designed so that even if the person moves intensively, the chair will not slide off the sides of the bath. This is ensured by reliable fastenings provided by such models. It is not difficult to transfer an elderly person or disabled person to the seat because the device can be deployed and brought closer.

Adjustable seat

Such seats have a base on which the person sits down. The base is equipped with telescopic legs, which are mounted on rubber nozzles that are resistant to sliding. Using such a seat, the human body will be partially submerged in water. Perhaps taking a shower and sitting. The kit includes a back to the seat, various handrails, and other parts. In addition, the height of the legs can be chosen according to the height of the old man.

The seat is equipped with an electric drive. Such seats are the most functional and comfortable. Such designs give some independence to older people and people with disabilities, because they, using these seats, will be able to climb into the bath and bathe themselves. The only disadvantage to these seats is their high cost.

Foldable seat

Most likely, such a seat is the simplest and practical product in its field. The seat can be folded without problems. Also, it takes a minimal amount of space. The disadvantage may be that the seat is sometimes not suitable for very narrow baths, as they do not fit in them. And the advantages are low prices and small size. In addition to the differences in design, the seats for the elderly and disabled people differ in the materials from which they are made. It is worth considering them in more detail:

Seat made of wood

Such seats are the most common, they have a high carrying capacity, which is an important advantage since the priority function of such seats is to hold the human body. Only the seat base is made of wood on which an elderly person is transplanted. The bath attachment system and the frame itself are made of metal and plastic parts. About Medigap Coverage at https://www.medisupps.com/medicare-supplement-plans-2020/ for Seniors in the United States: Popularly named as Medicare supplement plans, these are private healthcare coverage options offered to older folks who are a resident in the US to cover the deductible, coinsurance, etc.