Treatment Options for Schizophrenia in Seniors

Treatment Options for Schizophrenia in Seniors

Pharmacological therapy: Antipsychotics are commonly used to treat schizophrenia in old age. Studies have shown that they relieve the severity of symptoms of asymptomatic nature and help to avoid relapses. While in its initial stages, schizophrenia can be very successfully treated in seniors with antipsychotic drugs of the new generation, although their effects on other organs and body systems have not been studied enough. As a rule, psychiatrists prescribe:


The drug is undoubtedly good at treating resistant schizophrenia of early development, but when treating older patients there are serious concerns because of its toxicity and the need for constant testing of leukocyte formula. Studies have shown the occurrence of drowsiness, hypnotic effect, and hypotension.

Risperidone and olanzapine

It is widely used in the treatment of risky schizophrenia risperidone. It gives a persistent improvement in the state of use in small doses of 1.5-6 mg per day. Olanzapine was also found to be effective in treating the disease in older adults. The drug was tested on 22 elderly patients. In the course of treatment, a significant reduction of the symptoms of the disease was revealed with a small number of extrapyramidal side effects.


Safe for the elderly, the use of this drug can offer a good effect. In order to avoid the occurrence of side effects, such as hypotension, dizziness, agitation, its reception begins with small doses, gradually increasing them, namely from 25 mg to 750 mg per day.


This drug offers a unique effect. It works as a partial agonist of D2 receptors, reducing both negative and positive psychopathological symptoms. More rarely, it causes side effects such as drowsiness, weight gain, complications of the cardiovascular system, extrapyramidal syndromes. The drug has a beneficial effect both in the treatment of young patients and in senile schizophrenia. Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy:

Cognitive behavioral therapy includes the following methods: Identification of desirable and undesirable thought forms and definition of the reasons which influenced their formation. Creating new mental stereotypes. Applying visualization techniques to make new thought forms become natural and lead the patient to emotional well-being and adequate behavior. Adoption of new thinking for everyday life in real conditions. The use of cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques has been discussed and described many times in several research articles.

About Advantage Coverage at Medicare advantage plans basically go parallel with Medicare as they allow seniors to cover costs like copay, coinsurance, etc.

Consider the F policy for maximum health insurance

Consider the F policy for maximum health insurance

By comparing insurance and benefits among available Medigap policies, the F policy stands out as the police offering the most supplementary insurance. Medicare requires all standardized policies to provide basic benefits. Each of the ten additional policies has unique added value. With the F strategy, all the boxes are selected. The F policy guarantees part of the A franchise and all parts of the co-insurance. The deductible was $ 1131 for Part A of 2011. It is worth of note that this is a benefit period and not an annual grace period. A compensation period starts on admission to the hospital and ends 60 days after the hospital. You might be subjected to many exemptions from Part A during a year. Now, the exemption of Part B and the co insurance which is 20% of Part B are also covered.

A very important protection of plan F is referred to as the “excess part B”. Now, what does a surplus of Part B mean? This is an amount on which the figure allowed by Medicare is intended for medical treatment. The Medicare program pays only 80% of the amount allocated for a Part B procedure or visit. Many Medicare health insurance plans pay the remaining 20%. Sellers can now accept your health coverage and may not accept the health care insurance, which is allowed by Medicare. This implies that you may be liable for the difference. This disparity represents the excess of Part B. This benefit can become more critical over the years as Medicare decreases the rise in payouts to claimants. Since the F policy guarantees this excess, you will never receive an invoice and you will not have to make a treatment decision because of financial problems.

The F policy also includes the allowance for international travel. If you travel outside the shores of the United States and you had a medical emergency, the health insurance will not guarantee you at all. This upper hand can be very imperative. For instance, if you are on a cruise and you require the attention of a physician on board the boat, an invoice will be created. Even if your vessel is technically non-resident in the US Virgin Islands port, the Medicare policy will not insure the account because there is no way to confirm that you were in the United States at the time the service was provided. Police F offers limited benefits for medically necessary emergency care abroad. You can also purchase travel insurance for specific travel dates.

The choice of F policy here  will help you achieve a situation in which you will not have to worry about your expenses. At the moment, you have the best insurance in a Medicare Supplement insurance policy. Literally, you can see the effect of confusion and misinformation on the senior market, and it is obvious that with sound information, seniors can properly position themselves for what lies ahead and achieve the peace and security they have need during this time of their life. Clients are followed brokers to ensure they take care of them and are better able to satisfy them, whether they choose them or not as brokers. “

Types of Bath Seats for the Elderly

Types of Bath Seats for the Elderly

To date, the market offers many models of bath seats, differing in some features, but they have similarity, or rather the goal, which is to make it easier for an elderly person or disabled person to take a bath and make it as comfortable as possible. Here are some variations of these models:

Rotating seats

Such seats are very comfortable. They are designed so that even if the person moves intensively, the chair will not slide off the sides of the bath. This is ensured by reliable fastenings provided by such models. It is not difficult to transfer an elderly person or disabled person to the seat because the device can be deployed and brought closer.

Adjustable seat

Such seats have a base on which the person sits down. The base is equipped with telescopic legs, which are mounted on rubber nozzles that are resistant to sliding. Using such a seat, the human body will be partially submerged in water. Perhaps taking a shower and sitting. The kit includes a back to the seat, various handrails, and other parts. In addition, the height of the legs can be chosen according to the height of the old man.

The seat is equipped with an electric drive. Such seats are the most functional and comfortable. Such designs give some independence to older people and people with disabilities, because they, using these seats, will be able to climb into the bath and bathe themselves. The only disadvantage to these seats is their high cost.

Foldable seat

Most likely, such a seat is the simplest and practical product in its field. The seat can be folded without problems. Also, it takes a minimal amount of space. The disadvantage may be that the seat is sometimes not suitable for very narrow baths, as they do not fit in them. And the advantages are low prices and small size. In addition to the differences in design, the seats for the elderly and disabled people differ in the materials from which they are made. It is worth considering them in more detail:

Seat made of wood

Such seats are the most common, they have a high carrying capacity, which is an important advantage since the priority function of such seats is to hold the human body. Only the seat base is made of wood on which an elderly person is transplanted. The bath attachment system and the frame itself are made of metal and plastic parts. About Medigap Coverage at for Seniors in the United States: Popularly named as Medicare supplement plans, these are private healthcare coverage options offered to older folks who are a resident in the US to cover the deductible, coinsurance, etc.

What to Look for When Choosing an Inhaler for the Elderly?

What to Look for When Choosing an Inhaler for the Elderly?

As you already know, there are many models and types of inhalers on the market that differ in the form of their effects on the body. Therefore, before buying a device for an elderly person, it is advisable to consult a doctor and find out what type of device and what characteristics are required for this patient. When self-selecting the device for inhalation, you need to take into account the following parameters:

Device type;


The number of operating modes (the more, the more functional the device);

The presence of a set of different nozzles that provide different modes of inhalation;

The size of the chamber for the medicinal solution (the amount of the drug that can be used for one procedure depends on it);

The maximum and minimum possible duration of inhalation;

The noise level in the process;

The cost of the device.

The main characteristic of an inhaler is the diameter of the drug particle. To begin with, it is worth deciding on which parts of the respiratory tract it is necessary to exert a therapeutic effect, and on the basis of this, select one or another type of apparatus. Steam-inhaling units stand apart here: the dispersion composition in them is hot water vapor, and the particles of the active substance with which it is saturated are the largest possible. This type of device does not belong to the nebulizer category. Such devices are only suitable for heating of the very beginning of the respiratory tract (nasopharynx, oral cavity, larynx), and the range of medicines used is also limited (mainly herbal decoctions or sea and mineral water are used for steam inhalations). Therefore, steam inhalers are not suitable for the treatment of bronchopulmonary diseases.

All other types of devices, also called nebulizers, produce smaller particles of the treating substance and act more precisely and deeply, penetrating into the thinnest bronchioles and uniformly enveloping all mucous membranes in their path. Therefore, they can be used in the treatment of diseases of the bronchi and lungs. In practice, it often happens that a significant percentage (at least one third) of the elderly, who have been prescribed the use of an inhaler as part of home treatment are unable to utilize it in the right manner. Therefore, it is necessary to teach the proper and safe use of this device to all patients to whom it is indicated as a therapeutic measure. Medicare supplement plans These healthcare plans assist older individuals cover out of the pocket costs (co-pay, coinsurance, etc.)

Additional policies of Humana Medicare

Additional policies of Humana Medicare

Humana Health Insurance Company is domiciled in Louisville, Kentucky. The insurance company is one of the largest health insurance companies in the United States. It came into being in 1961 when it started as a nursing home company. In 1974, this company was renamed “Humana”. It offers health insurance products which included Medicare plans, individual health insurance, and group health insurance. The company has outstanding financial solidity ratings, including best insurance rating organization, an excellent A.M rating, Moody’s human evaluation is “Baa3” while Fitch’s is “BBB-“. Now, J. D. Power & Associates distinguishes Humana for her “Satisfaction of the highest levels of commercial health care policy in Texas”. The Better Business Bureau also awarded Humana an “A +” rating.

Now, for people over the age of 65, nothing can be more challenging than having to deal with Medicare. If the health insurance of the elderly was as simple as enrolling in the government program, there would be no problems. Unfortunately, the program leaves a loophole that needs to be covered. Probably you’ve heard of several health professionals and specialists discussing this existing gap. What they analyze is the fact that Medicare does not provide coverage for costs like co payments and deductibles.

The encouraging piece of information is that private insurance companies offer supplementary Medicare policies. These are federally regulated policies designed to help you cover additional costs not covered by Medicare. Medicare supplementary insurance offers most people the opportunity to choose the provider they want. There are many people who have had positive moments with an insurer like Humana. The integration system enables them to keep on using the services provided by Humana Insurance. Should this be your case, you might want to have a look at the additional 2018 Humana Medicare plans: one surprising thing about Humana’s services is that it is very easy to get insurance for the elderly. The fact is that all you have to do is connect to the Internet and follow 3 simple steps that indicate your place of residence, comparing the available policies and signing up for the right policy for you.

When reviewing the Humana policies for Medicare supplementary insurance, you will find that they are the same as those offered by other providers. This does not mean that Humana is a less competitive company. On the contrary, according to federal law, each insurance company must offer the same Medicare supplementary plans. The difference between the suppliers includes the price they set for the premium and the ease of working with this insurance provider. If you have already used Humana’s services, you will know that you have an incredible reputation as the most convenient insurance provider. When comparing the additional characters of Humana Medicare, you will understand that there are policies from A to L. Policy A are always the basic policy that offers the most convenient prize. The policy L will offer maximum insurance coverage and, therefore, an expensive premium.

Top Reasons for Joint Diseases in the Elderly

Top Reasons for Joint Diseases in the Elderly

With age, the human musculoskeletal system undergoes significant changes. In older people, the amount of muscle mass changes, as muscles without intense physical work become flabby and atrophied. Cartilage is not so elastic, it tends to get thinner and thinner with age. The process of sliding bones is disturbed due to the roughness of the cartilage tissue. The entire articular cartilage is modified, the tendons and articular bags are deformed due to the deposition of calcium salts. In addition, the thinning of the bones make them fragile and vulnerable. Thus, changes in the body of an elderly person make it more susceptible to injury.

Previously sustained injuries are usually a common cause of joint disorders in old age. While recovering, the body slightly changes the affected tissue. And if the injuries are permanent, then it will inevitably lead to the development of joint diseases in old age. Who else besides athletes is at risk? Those whose professional activities involve the repetition of monotonous movements, excessive physical stress on the joints.

In old age, hormonal imbalance reduces bone density which provokes a violation of the proper operation of the joints. Endocrine arthritis may further lead to greater issues in an elderly person because its root cause is the disruption of the endocrine glands. Women in the period of menopause should pay attention to the likelihood of joint disease (infectious or dystrophic) due to hormonal changes. It is clear that excessive physical load on the connecting blocks wears them prematurely that results in the violation of their functions and joint diseases in the elderly.

How can joint disease in older people be associated with a sedentary lifestyle? It’s simple: with age, physical activity decreases, and therefore, due to poor blood circulation, cartilage tissue does not receive adequate nutrition. Each case of the joint disease in the elderly should be considered separately. Chronic stress, an unsuitable climate, environmental problems and poor nutrition of the elderly can provoke exacerbation. About Medigap for Older Adults: They’re essentially Medicare supplement plans which allow seniors in the US cover additional expenditures some of which include copay, deductible, etc. Thus, these policies tend to act as supplements to your Original Medicare policy which includes Part A as well as Part B.

What You Must Know When Selecting a Health Insurance Policy

What You Must Know When Selecting a Health Insurance Policy

Health insurance is fast becoming a famous government program. Each year, millions of citizens participate in this policy to insure the rising costs of health care. The elements to take into account when choosing include the following:

I. Decide if you want the advantage policy or original policy

ii. Decide if you want insurance for prescription drugs

iii. Decide if you want additional insurance

To add value to your money, you can take out a supplemental policy with a major insurance company. The elements to keep in mind when choosing a policy are:

• The employer’s policy is not always the best deal

If your employer offers health insurance, you can buy it at a reduced price or even for free. This option allows you to purchase a group policy. This is especially useful if your health is bad or you already have a previous disease. However, if you lose your job, you can’t continue to benefit from group insurance. However, if you are in good health, it is better to buy your policy. A group policy is often based on the average health status of the group. Consequently, you can find cheaper policies or plans at competitive prices when your health is above average. Learn more about 2019 medicare supplement plans

• Your doctor may not be insured

If you seek to keep the current doctor, determine if he is insured by a policy that you are considering. Some of the insurance is more restrictive and limits the number of participants to the Medicare providers in their network. Other policies provide access to services outside the network, but at a higher rate. Other policies are hybrid and provide contractors the opportunity to pay extra costs for accessing services not within the network – i.e. after obtaining recommendations from a network physician.

• Prescription drug insurance

Just as some policies do not insure all physicians, not all benefits are insured. This is especially true for some “extra” medications such as pregnancy blankets and alternative practices such as chiropractics. Remember, you may not be able to add a maternity insurance policy if you remember having children. You need to determine the medications you are taking and determine if they are included in the policy. Therefore, before selecting a policy, you must determine all restrictions and exceptions. Make sure you understand the pricing structure of the policy you are considering. If the comparative policies use different price structures, a policy that would be cheaper today could be more expensive, as a number of variables may affect premiums.

Also make sure you understand exactly how your policy works, what it insures and how premiums might change in the future. It is recommended that you use your state’s health care program, where you live, to answer specific questions about guidelines for integrating Medicare. You can also visit for more information and a free and useful brochure called “Selecting a Medigap Plan”. Preparing for retirement health expenses can be very daunting and complex. Therefore, consider using a financial professional who can help you review your choices and determine the one that best fits your financial situation and personal goals.